Tenda NVR Kit Dome 8 Channel POE

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Tenda NVR Kit Dome 8 Channel POE

Total Control, Total Security: Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR IP Dome Camera Kit

Achieve total security assurance with the Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR IP Dome Camera Kit. This all-encompassing kit forms a complete dome surveillance package for your property. The 8-channel POE NVR simplifies setup, while the included IP Dome Cameras deliver extensive and reliable surveillance. Equipped with a substantial 2TB HDD, your footage is not just stored; it’s securely archived, providing an extended sense of peace of mind.

Extended Surveillance Reach: Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR

Experience extended surveillance reach with the Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR. The 8-channel setup ensures seamless connectivity with multiple IP Dome Cameras, leaving no area of your property unmonitored. This comprehensive system is designed to establish a seamless and expansive security network, making it an ideal solution for businesses and larger properties.

High-Performance Dome Cameras

8 Channel PoE HD Video Security Kit K8P-4CR includes 1 PoE NVR and 8 PoE Dome security cameras.

Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR IP Dome Camera Kit integrates such functions as plug and play, 4MP HD image quality, infrared night vision, AI human detection, H.265 high-performance video decoding, HDD bad sector isolation, channel cloud storage, IP67 waterproof and dustproof (camera) and App remote monitoring.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Expanded Surveillance Reach: With 8 channels, this kit provides extensive coverage, allowing you to monitor larger areas with precision and confidence.
  2. Advanced IP Dome Cameras: Capture detailed footage with IP Dome Cameras that deliver superior clarity, ensuring you can rely on the visual data for your security needs.
  3. Generous 2TB HDD Storage: Securely store and access extensive footage with the included 2TB HDD, offering ample space for continuous recording and convenient data retrieval.
  4. Effortless Power over Ethernet (POE) Connectivity: Simplify installation with POE technology, providing both power and data through a single cable for each camera, reducing cable clutter.
  5. Complete Security Solution: From expansive coverage to high-capacity storage, this kit offers a complete security solution, providing advanced features for robust and reliable surveillance.

Tenda 8 Ch POE NVR IP Dome Camera Kit offers one-stop solutions for small video surveillance in such scenarios as single-family houses, shops, restaurants, offices, schools, factories and farms.

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