NavaSolar 1.5KW Inverter with 50ah Lithium Battery 12.8V

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NavaSolar 1.5KW Inverter with 50ah Lithium Battery 12.8V

our Mobile Powerhouse: The All-In-One ESS Trolley πŸŒžπŸ’Ό

Effortless, mobile, and ready-to-use! Introducing the future of energy on-the-go.

Key Features: 🌞 Built-in off-grid solar inverter and modern lithium battery. πŸ”Œ Pre-set system, just plug in and let the energy flow. πŸ”‹ Power output of 1.5kW with 1.28kWh storage. 🏠 Capable of powering a range of home or office devices, ideal during power outages. πŸš— Mobility redefined with wheels for easy transportation. ⚑ Advanced protection from surges/lightning, AC breakers, and DC fuses. πŸ’¨ Quick recharging (1-2 hours) and remote monitoring capabilities via RS232 and USB ports.

Discover the World of Trolley Inverters: These aren't your everyday power solutions! Designed to convert DC voltage from batteries into usable AC voltage, trolley inverters resemble a cart, making them super portable. Whether you're in a location with no power grid or facing unreliable electricity, trolley inverters offer a dependable solution. Connect them with renewable energy sources like solar panels for uninterrupted, green energy.

Why Choose a Trolley Inverter? πŸ”Œ Backup Power: Ensure uninterrupted power, even during outages. 🌿 Eco-Friendly: Couple with renewable energy sources for green power. πŸ”‡ Quiet Operations: A silent solution without the fumes. πŸ’΅ Cost-Effective: Efficient and doesn't require fuel like traditional generators. πŸ‘©β€πŸ”§ User-Friendly: Easy installation, and intuitive monitoring systems.

Introducing the NV-TI-1512 Model – Say No to Load Shedding! In-depth Specifications:

  • Input and Output Specifications: Efficient with 93.00% peak efficiency, 20ms transfer time, and pure sine wave output.
  • Solar and AC Charger Details: Equipped with PWM solar charging and a maximum solar charge capacity of 960W.
  • Battery Specs: 1280Wh capacity and 50A continuous discharging.
  • Communication & Protection: Multiple protection types and USB/RS232 communication ports.
  • Environmental & Physical Specs: Built to withstand varying humidity and temperature ranges.

Package Contains:

  • NV-TI-1512 Inverter Trolley. Ready to redefine your power solutions!

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