LED Lamp 4.2V

Sale priceR 299.00


Small Sun LED Desk Lamp



  • Lighting functions: 2-tone electrodeless dimming
  • Protecting function: The function board can avoid overcharge, over-discharge, current & short circuit
  • Charge before power used up. Please charge in time to avoid reduced service time of battery
  • Charge the battery with the original charger, the parameter of different chargers are not the same
  • Using other chargers can cause safety accident
  • Whether you are working late nights or just reading in bed, this stylish LED desk lamp will light up any space, its free rotation will allow you to direct the light onto the designated area for better vision. This light has two modes, super bright and dimmed, which can be selected with a simple touch
  • Simply charge your lamp with a USB cable, and enjoy up to 6 hours of wireless operating light. This compact lamp is made from premium polypropylene and the sleek design will add a stylish finish to any room

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