Complete Office Solutions: Celebrating 21 years

Celebrating Two Decades of Innovation: The Complete Office Solutions Journey

In a world constantly evolving, businesses come and go, but only a few stand the test of time by continuously adapting and innovating. As we proudly mark our 21st anniversary at Complete Office Solutions, let’s journey through time and recount our story of consistent business excellence.

2002: A Strong Start

Our journey began in 2002 with the establishment of Cell & IT CC, initially focusing on cell phone sales and repairs. Recognizing the pivotal need for top-notch IT support, we incorporated it into our core services from the very beginning. Our mission has always been crystal clear – to provide unparalleled service and carve a steadfast niche in the industry.

2006: Expanding Horizons

As the business landscape evolved and the demand for comprehensive office solutions grew, we added stationery to our expanding array of offerings.

2009: Strategic Pivots and a New Identity

2009 was a pivotal year for us. We made the strategic choice to discontinue our cell phone offerings, refining our focus and expertise on our other essential services. It's also the year we embraced a new identity, starting to trade as Complete Office Solutions, a name that encapsulates our expansive range of services.

2016: Embracing Green Energy

As environmental consciousness became the global norm, we forayed into the realm of solar and backup power solutions in 2016. This bold step not only broadened our portfolio but also reflected our commitment to a sustainable future.

2019: Beginning A New Era

2019 marked a fresh chapter with our relocation to a modern facility at 162 Main Road, Somerset West, Cape Town. Symbolic of our growth, this move reinforced our dedication to delivering superior service.

2023: Scaling New Peaks

Today, we stand tall and proud. With a dynamic team of over 45 professionals, more than 13 vehicles on the road daily, and an average of three solar installations per day, our presence in the industry is undeniable. Expanding our service umbrella, we've also ventured into areas like email hosting, web development, and marketing services.

Reflecting on our journey, we are immensely grateful for every customer, partner, and team member who has been instrumental in our growth and success. As we look to the future, we are excited about crafting more success stories and continuously evolving.

Complete Office Solutions – Crafting legacy. Embracing innovation.🚀

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