Omni Business Pro Bundle

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ERP & Accounting Software for small to large businesses.

Improve operational efficiency with one central software system.
ERP and accounting software empower businesses of all sizes by integrating essential business functions into one comprehensive system.

From managing inventory and job costing to overseeing sales and supply chains, our software ensures all your data is instantly accessible and always up to date.

What is ERP Software?
ERP Software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning software. It is a centralised system encompassing all core business operations, including inventory, accounting, sales, and supply chain management. This integration allows for streamlined processes and information flow, making our software an essential tool for modern businesses.

How does ERP improve business efficiency?
ERP and accounting software significantly boost business efficiency by integrating separate systems into one cohesive platform, offering reliable data across all departments.

Removes duplication of data entry.
By centralising data processing, our accounting packages prevent the need for multiple entries of the same data, saving time and reducing errors.

Holistic reporting enables data-driven decisions.
With comprehensive reporting features, our ERP software enables businesses to make informed decisions based on accurate and complete data analysis.

Information is real-time, reliable, and traceable.
Accessibility to up-to-date, reliable information across different departments ensures that businesses can act quickly and with confidence.

Save time by automating certain tasks.
Our ERP software automates routine tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Advanced Inventory Control
The system handles stock levels and locations. Sales Orders are used to monitor stock requirements and Purchase Orders reflect stock already on order.

Cost prices and levels are updated from Supplier Invoices and Deliveries. Sales Invoices update levels and provide customer and stock history and other useful information such as sales rep, customer types, etc.

Manufacturing (BOM)
For a business that manufactures products, sales and purchase orders are linked to raw materials required, Bills of Materials (BOMs) hold recipe information, and Job Costing or Production Batches manage the manufacturing processes.

Stock Serial and Batch Numbers
Allows control and tracking of stock items from purchase through to sale and all processes in between.

The system can be configured to handle the use of only serial numbers, only batch numbers or a combination of both serial and batch numbers.

Material Requirement and Planning (MRP)
The Material Requirement & Planning (MRP) feature of our software helps prevent stockouts and overstock situations, which is vital for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.

Report Writer
Through ERP software and BI, you can access comprehensive business reports that analyse and compare functions across departments. Some of the more advantageous reports include income and cash flow statements, with the option of customised reporting. 

Multi Company Branches
Stock can be separated into different warehouses. These can be physical warehouses at different locations, such as branches. The warehouses can also be in the same physical location but used to separate sections in different factory environments, e.g., raw materials held in different locations and finished goods.

Transact in Multi-Currency
Create customer, supplier, and bank accounts in foreign currency. Send Customer & Supplier documents in foreign currencies. Manage currency fluctuations easily. Optionally import daily exchange rates. Easily handle VAT when importing goods.

Job Costing
Job costing allows for the accurate and seamless measurement of job profitability. Linking customer quotes to a job and all costs incurred during the job’s processing allows for the comparison of the estimated figures with the actual figures.

Accounting Software
Accounting software acts like a financial friend for businesses, simplifying complex tasks into manageable actions. It’s like having a reliable partner that takes care of invoicing, bookkeeping, managing payrolls, and compiling reports.

This digital ally not only ensures accuracy but also provides a real-time snapshot of your business’s financial well-being. It helps businesses stay compliant with laws, making financial management less of a headache and allowing business owners to focus more on strategic decisions and growth.

Communications (CRM)
Omni’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module ensures that staff follow up on documents quickly, helping maintain customer satisfaction and driving sales. These include quotes, purchase orders, outstanding invoices, and inter-warehouse documents. This helps ensure your customers stay happy and sales healthy.

Omni API and Automation
Integrate with external systems for enhanced data collection, storage, and analysis. Our ERP software automates various processes for improved efficiency, including payroll, invoicing and reporting.

Vehicle Loading and Scheduling
Optimise delivery schedules and vehicle loading from the generation of a sales order. Our ERP software ensures timely and efficient product distribution to your clients by tracking vehicles, drivers, and customer routes.

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