The era of the fan has begun – Windows 10

Windows 10 – made for fans by fans

Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10, launched in July as the best version of Windows ever, garnering universal praise from users and the media across the globe. During the development process, Microsoft received millions of pieces of feedback from more than seven million fans who joined the insider programme, tested the software, and helped shape the finalised version of Windows 10.

In celebration of the massive role fans played in the development of this product, Microsoft held special events in 13 cities around the world which including Johannesburg. These celebrations offered fans the opportunity to be the first in the country to receive hands-on experience with the newly released OS and meet the local Windows team.

Finding and keeping fans

How do you establish fans inside and outside the organisation? By utilising technology to deliver more personal engagement and modern storytelling for customers who will become fans. Tactics for achieving this includes providing real-time content that is tailored to top trending conversations and issues of national concern. This will lead to higher levels of engagement over social channels and more importantly, lead to the brand having conversations with fans as opposed to broadcasting product information at potential customers.

Analytics can also be used to provide an overview of the issues and topics of interest most prevalent for the company’s audience, which can then be used to inform and shape content going forward on a continual basis. Personal tailored content with partners, suppliers, and influencers is crucial and can help drive engagement levels even higher.

You will know when you have fans, when people organically evangelise your products and services.

Credit: Windows South Africa

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