How to Clean a Sticky Computer Keyboard

Not everything that falls in the cracks of your computer keyboard can be removed with a gas duster or vigorous shaking. The oils from your fingers can get on everything you touch, including your keys.

Splatters of sugary drinks or other sticky liquids can also fall on the surface as well as in the cracks between keys. As you use the keys, this oily and sticky gunk spreads to other parts of the keyboard, capturing and trapping the dirt and germs from your fingers along the way.


To fight the gunk, and to promote good health, add surface cleaning and germ killing to your routine of keyboard cleaning. Weekly, wipe the surface of your computer with a lint-free cloth that’s slightly dampened (not dripping).

If you’re using a laptop, be sure to shut it off first. Though you could use water to dampen the cloth, it won’t cut the dirt and grease, and it won’t kill the germs. Instead, use sprays and pre-moistened wipes that are specially designed to clean a computer keyboard.

Some of these cleaners include anti-bacterial chemicals to help kill germs and sanitize the surface.



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